Corrective Exercise Specialist Organizes Fund Raiser to Prevent Breast Cancer

In August a family member of mine underwent surgery to remove a cancerous portion of tissue. I have long believed in the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise and organic and natural foods and products (as often as possible) as keys to preventing most major diseases.  Since cancer was closer to me, I realized that I wanted to do more. I have friends and colleagues that are Breast Cancer survivors and since I had some lead time to get ready for Cancer Awareness Month in October I started planning…

On Wednesday night October 7th, at the Longfellow Sports Club we held a Zumba class with two of our instructors to raise money for research to determine exact environmental causes of Breast Cancer. The charity that we at the Longfellow Sports Club aligned ourselves with is the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (to learn more and donate click here Massachusetts has the 4th highest rate of Breast Cancer and has 10 times greater incidence of the national average of Breast Cancer. That is ridiculous.

Corrective Exercise before Zumba for Sure!!!

We also held an informational and inspirational event after the Zumba class. one of our members shared her story with us and author and professional public speaker Martha Lanier of Ignite Your Potential capped off a wonderful evening with her tales as triathlete, grandmother and Breast Cancer survivor. I recommend picking up a copy of Martha’s book “Pink Lemonade : Mastectomy Tips and Insights from a Breast Cancer Survivor” by clicking here

To date we raised over $1,000 for the Zumba class (checks are still coming in!) and participants and attendees were great and we had so much fun!

To extract donations from my friends and colleagues I pledged to do the Zumba class (for the first time ever!), video it…and share the video!

I had fun to say the least and did things that my body has never done…never mind in public! If you want to see the videos that were originally only available to my Facebook friends you can scroll below or visit my You Tube channel http://youtube/com/theericbeard

I know that we made a difference and I hope that you do the same. Encourage others to practice self exams, get regular mammograms after 40, eat healthy, exercise, live well (stress is a factor!) and maintain as natural and organic environment as possible….oh yeah…don’t smoke…at all, or drink too much.

Enjoy the videos:)

Please comment and let me know what you think!

Make a difference today!

Eric Beard

CEO A-Team

Corrective Exercise Specialist

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