Corrective Exercise with the Rotator??? Yes!

Hi guys and gals!

It has been a busy week or two for me after Memorial Day weekend, time with the family and teaching an Essentials of Personal training Workshop for the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Chicago last weekend. Fun group, we had 68 students from all parts of the mid-west and beyond. I am off to Atlanta this week then the Kettlebell and Corrective Exercise workshop in Natick the weekend after 6/13 for more info.

Quick tid-bits on that… .4 CEUs NASM and NSCA, Free Food! 25% off Ketteblls for attendees through Perform Better and it is also sponsored by can’t wait!! Oh yeah…corrective exercises for Kettlebells you wont’ find anywhere else...we are filming a video of it if you can’t make it and will release the DVD soon after.

One very good questions for my readers to think about, that was posed by Don, A long time NASM junkie, at least I think he asked it:)

“Should you keep your abdominals drawn in (TrA activated) at the end of the eccentric phase of a stability ball crunch (when the spine is in full extension)?”

Feel free to answer with a comment below if you have an opinion.

The real reason I wrote this post today is this…

I recorded a short 3 minute 31 second video today reviewing The Rotator,

“A Shoulder Rehabilitation, Shoulder Stretching and Shoulder Flexibility Device”\

Curious what I think about it??? Then click the triangle to watch…

Click on the link below for more information on the product.

I am also doing some work on my website, a slow process and may need to recruit some help:)

Thanks for reading and have great night!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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