Disney Vacation Workout: Corrective Exercise on the Road

I am on my way back from (or just got back from-depending on when I finish this-my 4 year old is playing with his cars so I have a moment or 2 now) an amazing vacation. My wife and three children took our first family trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. It was the trip of a lifetime! The wonder, excitemet and magic in my kids eyes was priceless. I documented a chunk of my trip in pictures on my Facebook page http://Facebook.com/theericbeard friend my and just message me that you read my blog if you want to connect there.

I had to wake up early or stay up late to get this work in since I was enjoying the time with my family pretty
much every waking hour. I do my SMR / soft tissue work first followed by my static stretching for any muscles that are shortened. I typicaly do my core stabilization work next then any needed activation work. I have been utilizing some variations of some Yoga poses during my stretching sessions and have really enjoyed the benefits.

My best an biggest workout came while the wife and kids took a nap on a rainy afternoon. I got my rolling on while they were settling down then grabbed my bands as headed outside once they laid down for some zzzs.

I went out in the rain and did a total body workout with some Yoga and sprints. It was amazing to be outside and working out. It was refreshing especially after the rain stopped. I got a few strange looks from passers by like they were thinking “what is this nut doing? He’s going to get struck by lightening!”

It was peaceful by the riverside. There was a crane that stayed next to me the entire time, even during my sprints and dynamic flexibility. It felt great to take care of my body on the road during this hectic trip. It would have been easy to blow everything off and come back home feeling all tight and crummy but I am so glad that I didn’t. I didn’t over do it, but took car or myself to be able to feel good and move well. I felt like it kept my energy up too. I was pushing a double stroller full of 2 kids with bags draped over it and sometimes a third on my back. I needed to be up to the task. I enjoy active type of vacations and this sure was one. I walked and walked and walked in the Florida heat for hours a day and felt great, albeit sweaty.

So it is ok to unplug, step back and dial down, but take care of yourself to keep feeling great. I bet you enjoy your vacation even more.

Hope you are having an awesome day!
Eric Beard
Corrective Exercise Specialist
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