Does 30+30+30 Really Equal 90?

It has been too long my friends! Too long to properly update you on my goings on, here are my past three plus months in a nutshell

Eric Beard's Life in a Nutshell

I gave presentations at the NEHRSA Fall Conference, TSI Summit and went to China for 10 days and worked with top junior tennis players and coaches. I had some interesting food in China including pigeon and seahorse soup…yum.

Who Doesn't Like Pigeon?Okay, i get Pigeon Soup...but Seahorse and Pigeon Soup?

My time on the road was amazing and I met some wonderful and inspiring professionals. I enjoyed delivering presentations titled “Save Your Back: Get Your Butt in Gear” (which I gave at the IDEA World Show and Perform Better Functional Training Summits in Providence and Chicago), “Real World Dynamic Flexibility Progressions” and “Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments”.

I just accepted a new position with NASM as well, the Director of Advanced Education. I look forward to new challenges in 2012 for sure.

The holidays were priceless with my wife and children and Santa even brought me some Under Armour Socks and the Star Wars Force Unleashed game for Nintendo Wii.

FunnyThat my 8 year old son was off the charts excited that I got this...

I have listened to Jim Fanin’s 90 Second Rule audio program and started the workbook and have dabbled in some older programs that I enjoyed. I reviewed my personal goals and family goals from 2011 and set some new ones for 2012. We are looking forward to a year of growth and positive change.

I have used Darin Hardy’s “Design Your Best Year Ever” program fro my goal setting again this year and am committed to utilizing it even more.

I have come up with the daily 30-30-30=90 goal for myself. My target is to invest 30 minutes in each of the following three categories with the total target time of 90 minutes a day; Physiology (positive inout) {+}, Anatomy (movement/exercise) {M} and Methods {->}(tactics/techniques and strategies). I want to invest in myself and as Jim Rohn has suggested many times over, work harder on yourself than on your job. The last three days turned out like this;

+    M   ->

30-90-0 = 120



Not exactly balanced, but I have been investing more than 90 minutes a day into myself. If I can keep that up for a year…look out!!! What are your goals? What are you tracking? This daily investment will contribute to my larger goals. I need to become more and operate at a higher level to reach the targets that I want to reach for my family and I. 30+30+30 does not equal 90…the results will be exponential!

Remember the old adage, inspect what you expect!

Here’s to a miraculous 2012!

By the way…visit my Faceboook page to enter a chance to win some of my DVD bundles and share your goals for 2012

Thanks for reading,

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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