Does Your Dentist Drive Foreign or American?

This is my daughter Abigail enjoying a candy apple at her cousins in NY. I am still amazed at how poorly kids today eat. From soda to hard candy to snacks that tout their “natural” ingredients. It is rampant. I will stay away from the obesity epidemic that has been rotting our country for the last 20 plus years, and the dentists that are getting rich off of poor eating and self care habits (love my dentists and my kids dentist by the way, they do a bang up job). Ingesting too much refined sugar can sabotage the best athletic or exercise related game plans. It can spike up blood sugar and crash it down wreaking havoc on our hormone levels and hampering our immune system. Ignore the natural and organic claims, sugar is still sugar. Granted “High Fructose Corn Syrup” is basically the devil’s gravy that hooks those with even a tiny sweet tooth. These inexpensive to manufacture sweeteners confuse the body and are no good unless ingested with complex carbohydrates, protein or our friend fat with it. There are times when sugar is helpful to help prepare for and recover from exercise, but less is almost always more.

Like my head football coach used to say to us in college “don’t eat yourself out of the game”.

Stay tuned for more information on nutrition for performance and general health over the months.


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