Does Your Shoulder Move Like This?

Probably not. With the posture that most people display (rounded shoulders and forward head posture) it is unlikely that as their arm lifts to the side that their shoulder blade upwardly rotates as much as it should. For every two degrees of abduction (arm lifting to side) there should be one degree of upward rotation. When this doesn’t happen, it is common for one of the rotator cuff tendons (supraspinatus) to become impinged (or pinched) between the humerus in the upper arm and part of the shoulder blade. Paying attention to posture when we are seating, standing, or exercising is the first step in preventing an impingement injury. Looking in a mirror can help bring some awareness to how you carry yourself. Mom was right, we should “sit up tall”, face forward and keep out feet on the floor in front of us. This is pretty good advice for lifting weights and exercising in general.

Corrective flexibility such as self myofascial release and static stretching are the next step. These flexibility techniques practiced daily along with core stabilization exercises can have a powerful impact on posture. Yes you may need to change how you sit at work or the seat adjustment in your car, but no one said that improving posture and decreasing risk of injury would be easy. It is simple, but not easy. So remember what mom says “Sit up, face front, keep your feet on the floor and stop squirming!”

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Eric Beard
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist

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