Don’t Do This When Stretching Your Shoulder

If you look like this when you are performing your posterior capsule stretch for your shoulder…stop. It is a common error. I have a picture down below on my blog of what correct execution looks like. The elbow should stay at a 90 degree angle and the elbow should be directly in front of the gleno-humeral joint. Most people try and push to hard and the elbow either straightens, humerus points down or shoulder blade elevates. This will not lengthen the posterior capsule of the shoulder. This a critical stretch for any overhead athlete or any barbell bench press fan. It should be performed before or after chest/shoulder/pushing days or athletic activity. Make sure you use gentle over pressure from the top hand to keep good alignment and not strain any of the musculature tissue. I did this tonight before my workout in addition to an inferior shoulder capsule stretch as well. With my banged up soulders, I wish I knew about it in college and I might not be such a mess now!

Have a great night!


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