Eric Beard vs. Time Magazine: Exercise Makes You Fat??

Happy Wednesday all!

I am still going round in circles with the “hot topic of the week” the Time Magazine article “Why Exercise Won’t Make you Thin”. Why do people want to be “Thin” anyway??? because pop culture says so? what about health, wellness, function and longevity??? Being a size four or having washboard abs is not  what it is all about.

Photo From Time Magazine article "Why Exercise Won't make You Thin"
Photo From Time Magazine article “Why Exercise Won’t make You Thin”,8599,1914857,00.html

I have some concerns about this article, please watch this short video and share your thoughts/comments below. From corrective exercise to cardio…people should be exercising regularly!!!

Short video #1 “Is it about being thin?”

Short video#2 “The truth about exercise and weight loss”

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  1. Spencer Roach
    Posted August 12, 2009 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

    I think that Time article is crap. I agree with you 100%. The notion of being “thin” has been engrained into the general public by mass media. Successful weight loss takes a multi-faceted approach, of which excersize plays a major part! As you said, the direct affect of excersize is general well-being, weight loss is just a by-product!

    And this is just ONE reason this article is a joke!!!

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