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As I wound through the sleepy town of Niagra Falls on this cool, off season day, I couldn’t help but be excited. This natural wonder of the modern world held a spot in my mind. I have watched the History Channel and Discovery Channel specials with great interest and have wondered what the falls would be like in person. The approach was unremarkable and it was easy enough to find my way over to Goat Island where I scored some free parking. I could only see mist in the distance over the almost antique looking welcome center (turns out is was built in 1929). I made it about 20 feet from my rental car then turned around and put on another shirt. It was raw! I wound thorough the path and began to hear he roar of the falls.

I took this today in 35 degree weather amidst light flurries and light (yet cold rain). Not as perfect professionally done shot, but my trusted Blackberry did the trick. You can see the plume of mist from over 5 miles away. If I did not know the falls were there I would have thought it was smoke from a forest fire.

This is the “horseshoe” on the Canadian side of the falls, the water drops 170 feet and the falls are more than 2,500 feet wide, almost a half mile, here. Every hour 2.5 billion gallons of water flows over the falls heading north to Lake Ontario.

I also visited “he American side” of the falls, which I thought would be anticlimactic after visiting the horseshoe. On the way over to the other side of the falls I took in the panoramic view of the cliff line on the Canadian border. It was well developed with fancy hotels, restaurants and an amusement park. I can see why people say it is the nicer side….but the POWER is on the American side….I am telling you, this is where it happens….as I climbed down to an isolated “island” I was immediately greeted by fierce winds and driving mist….as I crept to the edge..I felt it….THE ROAR…this is where the POWER is..you could feel it…I was intoxicated by the rush of the water, the magnitude of the water plummeting down to the rocks was amazing to behold. I spent almost a 1/2 an hour there in the cold mist with pellets of water striking my face taking it all in. I do not have the energy to complete this portrait this evening, but I found my self yelling at the falls, skipping around empowered I felt as if ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE. It was what nature is for. To remind us of the indomitable will of man and the irrepressible force of nature. I was a demonstration of the grit of persistence and energy that comes from being true to who you are and what you believe.

This visit came in between presentations at Technical High Schools in the Buffalo area where the teachers their are moving, touching and inspiring our youth. This is the good stuff. The richness of life. The chance to contribute to and serve others. I love what I do and am honored to be able to do it.

Be passionate about your life.

Move, Touch and Inspire.

Eric Beard

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