HFPN-Another Fitness Challenge Goals and Progress for Eric Beard 2/11/2010- My Corrective Exercise is Working!

Trying to keep up with the Health and Fitness Provider Network President (HFPN) Ben Tucker, aka. “Triangle Man” is a hard job. He claims he has made some very good progress as well. I have not had my dorsiflexion re-measured yet but I started at;

Right Ankle Prone Straight Leg- 0 degrees
Left Ankle Prone Straight Leg- -2 degrees (yes that is a minus as in negative)
Right Ankle Prone Bent Leg- 2 degrees
Left Ankle Prone Bent Leg- 4 degrees

The ideal for these measurements is about 15-20 degrees. You need 12 degrees of dorsiflexion to stand with a neutral position in your lumbo-pelvic-hip- complex (LPHC) and @ 15 degrees to be able maintain neutral when walking….I am not even close so the alignment of my pelvis and lumbar spine must be way off! Based off of my movement assessments (on my You Tube Channel http://youtube.com/theericbeard) my left ankle is the primary source of dysfunction. I have spent most of my efforts on getting the ankle to move better and I feel better already. My forward lean is improved in my squat and there is less tension in my body overall. Ankle mobility is so important to human movement.

I do have some other goals as well. Here are my measurements and goals to reach by the end of Another Fitness Challenge;

2.1.10 Measurements
height 6’05”
weight 205lbs-shorts tee shirt Goal weight-210 lbs
1-bi 3.5 mm
2-tri 7.5 mm
3-supra 8.5 mm
4-sub 11.5 mm
Total mm 31
chart BF% 16.17%
Omron bf% 15.70%
BF average 15.93%
fat mass 32.65 Goal LBM- 27.65 lbs
LBM 172.35 Gaol LBM-182.35 lbs
BMI 27.6
chest (exhale) 44″
right upper arm 15.75″
left upper arm 15.5″
waist 36.5″
hips 44″
right thigh 25″
left thigh 25.25″
right calve 17.75″
left calve 18″

I wrote out my goals clearly using the S.M.A.R.T. System and review them daily. I am also using the support from the HFPN/AFC chat room and contestants to stay on track. I have accountability to everyone that I have shared my goals with.

I hope you are all progressing with your health and fitness goals as well. Thanks for the support and feel free to comment below and share your goals.

Eric Beard

CEO A-Team

Corrective Exercise Specialist


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