I Need a Doctor (Not for Valentines Day)

I am talking about Dr. Dre of course!

Dre is looking buff!

Rhianna, Eminem and Dr. Dre just blew it up at the Grammys.

After 2 straight hours of folding laundry while my wife was frosting cupcakes for the kids Valentines Day parties tomorrow I am sitting down and taking a “break”. My wife has had the Grammys on in the background the entire time. I paid attention to a few parts, like the Rhianna, Eminenem and Dre performance, Justin Bieber and Usher and when Lady Antebellum won a Grammy for the song “Need You Now”.

Did they win 3 Grammys?

What struck me was when Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum was speaking after receiving the award. She said how her and the rest of the band’s life changed in the last year because of the success of this song. She broke into tears as the moment washed over her and she was wisked off stage. It reminds me of the power of a year. It has been said that most men overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate what they can do in a decade. I wonder what the last year of her life has been like? How hard has she worked? How many shows has she done? Interviews she has given? I can’t imagine.

What if we looked back even farther? Over the last 10 years of her life? How many bad songs has she sung? How many hours of practice has she put in? How many times has she wanted to quit? How many times has she sung to an unappreciative audience? During the last year of her life she has experienced exponential growth in terms of commercial success, but she has been laying the groundwork for much longer. They say it takes 10,000 hours to craft and develop a world class, elite athlete. That can represent a 10 year growth period. Most people only hear about the Olympic athlete during the Olympics, but they have built their opportunity to compete at the Olympics the decade prior. They not only train in four year cycles to peak for the Olympic Games, but some on eight year cycles to peak for two sets of games!

Not to mention a run at Dancing With the Stars!

So what does that have to do with us? Well, the old adage is true, you reap what you sew. The results that we have in our lives, with our clients, in our love life, in our bank accounts and with our health are mostly indicative of what we have done over the last number of years. Our ability to work with a varied and challenging client based is developed by researching issues that we are unfamiliar with and then actually using trial and error to figure out which approach is best for a certain individual. We read journals, watch webinars chat with other professionals to grow our knowledge base. It never ends. Think of the people who just “apply, apply, apply” what they have known for years and have never added to? I am sure there are some areas of our lives that we have either not added to or conversely added to but not applied what we have learned. That second part resonates with me. I have studied and researched information pertaining to several aspects of my life. It is always easier to learn about some aspects of life compared to to others and it is easier to apply information in some areas more easily compared to others as well. If you take a minute and think about it, what ares of your life have you neglected learning more about? If you think about work…for example…maybe you have studied plenty about corrective exercise but not much about supplements? Then on the other side of the coin, what ares of life or your practice have you neglected to apply this great information that you have spent time and money researching? I can think of a few for me:)

Anywhoo…here are a couple of videos that I have done over the last couple of weeks. One on basic TRX Row technique (dos and don’ts) and an SMR technique that can loosen up and mobilize your thoracic spine. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!!!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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