Is Tom Brady’s Knee and ACL Ready to Go? Inside Infomation From A Corrective Exercise Specialist…

Ever show up on the right date, the right day, the right time but to the wrong place?

That happened to me today. I showed up at the MGH PT clinic (pictured to the left) to do a presentation for Life Fitness Academy and they had no idea who I was (which is no big deal, because who does?), had not heard that there was to be a presentation for their staff today (starting to be a problem here) and they had never heard of the person who was my main contact there…..(now we have an issue).
Turns out Life Fitness Academy had sent me to the wrong location. Actually, I did a presentation here form their staff about a year and a half ago. They had wanted me to go to their clinic in Foxboro, MA. When they finally tracked my contact down (they gave me his cell #…did not answer his office phone the day before or today) I asked him what the street address was and he said “20 Patriot Place”. For any football fans, especially New England Patriots fans like I am (huge Pats fan!), you would know that Patriot Place is the location of Gillete Stadium where the Pats play and a host of shops, stores, medical facilities, a Pats hall of fame, pro shop and more. So I immediately moved my afternoon commitment and headed to Foxboro from Boston (about a 40 minute drive or so this day).
When I pulled up and got out of my car, this is what I saw as I walked towards the facility…
Not a bad first impression eh? At the top were the stores, to the right was the movie theatre and to the left was…
And this was the view from the clinic’s waiting room…
You can imagine that this facility was top notch and had almost and toy that a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach or Personal Trainer could dream of! After my presentation they were kind enough to lead my through some demos of some of the state of the art equipment…TONS OF FUN!!!
In retrospect, I could have been angry that I was sent to the wrong location, or that I had to spend an extra hour plus in the car driving around or that the rest of my day was shot…but I stayed positive and enjoyed the experience and hope that I was helpful to the Physical Therapists that attended the presentation.
Time to get the kids ready for bed!  Have a great night/day and stay positive to open doors and impact lives!
Thanks for reading!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

ps. oh, we did talk about Tom Brady, but due to confidentiality…we only talked about the rumors of his marriage to Gisselle! They do see players there for rehab and corrective exercise, but can’t divulge any details, sorry:(
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