Is Your Strength Training for Tennis Too Intense?

Well something tells my this guy just got surprised by a malfunctioning ball machine or is just generally just way to tense. No need to stress about a strength training program for tennis players however. Most people just jump right into traditional strength training programs and are not ready and they end up seeing short term benefits and long term nagging injuries. What about posture? What about flexibility? Core stability? Core strength? There is plenty to focus on other than just lifting weights, running and doing sit-ups. I see dozens of young players that just accelerate their predisposition for injury (from poor posture, over-training and growth spurts) by doing push ups (usually poorly), running mile after mile (with the wrong shoes-besides…do tennis players ever run for miles during a match?) and the old faithful stomach crunch. If you want to learn more about assessing your posture, or that of the athletes that you work with, here is a good resource

This is geared mostly for fitness professionals, physical therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors but I believe that tennis pros and parents of young athletes can benefit greatly from an introduction to this information.

Strength training is important for tennis players, even children as young as 6 (yes it’s true!), but there is plenty more to focus on other that just that.

Mom was right, sit up straight and stretch be for you play sports!

happy New Year and thanks you for reading!

Eric Beard
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist

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