It Does’nt Matter What You Do For work

Service is the foundation for any business. To quote my friend Bobby Cappuccio (who was most likely quoting some other notable) “service is the rent we pay for living”. From the tennis pro or fitness professional/performance enhancement specialist/strength coach or general contractor. How you interact with and treat others is the lynch pin that holds it all together.

You can be good at what you do, but if you do not treat others well you will run out of clients/customers sooner or later.

At 6:24 am this morning I was woken by a large truck idling in the street in front of our house. It was so loud it actually sounded like it was in my bedroom right next to me. I was enjoying having the bed to just my wife and myself for a change. Either our 4 or 2 year old (sometimes both) climb into our bed around 5:30 or so every morning. Last night the 2 year old came in around midnight and I was able to settle him back into his own bed about 1 am.

So…I did not appreciate the early awakening by this truck driver that was there to remove a dumpster we rented to clean some stuff out from our house. It is my understanding that it is illegal to operate a commercial vehicle before 7 am in a residential neighborhood. As I went out to move our cars so the driver could connect to the dumpster the driver cheerfully greeted me and apologized for getting me up so early. I could not tell if he was being sarcastic or genuine, but I tried to assume the best and appreciated his demeanor. He could have easily been gruff, as could I, but since we both chose to be nice to each other our day had a little positively early on. He even thanked me for our business.

The decision to arrive early was not a good one for this driver/company but his attitude was appreciated.

So the next time you have a chance to be nice or be mean, think twice because your business depends on it.

Have a great day!

Eric Beard
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