Knock The Rust Off With Some Core Stability Work

I literally had 10 minutes at the gym yesterday. This included changing out of my snow boots and winter gear. So really I was left with five minutes. I coach hockey for both of my boys teams and had some shoveling to do and wanted to move well and feel good throughout. What did I do? Well I did cheat and use a foam roller (my orange Grid at home for 2-3 minutes to mobilize my thoracic spine.

I threw my sneakers on and went over the TRX and did some rows , I only got 4 reps in before a trainer running a bootcamp class gave me the boot. So on to the Vertex. Vibration training is a huge advantage when you are short on time. I proceeded to performa circuit of slow tempo push ups, bird dogs and double kneeling, Y-T-A’s from a hip hinges position. The settings on Vertex where 30 seconds per interval, 50 hertz and low amplitude. I was able to get in three cycles with 90 seconds on each cycle then I had to through the snow gear back on and head home to get my youngest to the rink.

Short, frequent bouts of core stability or rehabilitation style of exercises can be very beneficial to maintain or enhance neural activation of inhibited muscles and groove quality movement patterns. I would have liked to add in some integration type movements like walking lunges, but a few laps around the ice rink would have to suffice.

I chose the push up so I could load the anterior chain while engaging my glutes to maintain a straight alignment, plus I wanted to get the upper body some pushing work and the rotator cuff stimulation on the Vertex is great. Push Up Video

The birddogs are a classic selection for core stability from the lumbar multifidi to the internal oblique, glutes and transverse abdominus integration. The movement of the opposite hip and shoulder helps to enhance the force closure mechanism to stabilize the sacroiliac joint. I also like the lower trap and posterior rotator cuff work from the scaption movement and gleno-humeral external rotation.

I finished with what I termed a kneeling Y-T-A from a hip hinge. Imagine kneeling ona vibration platform, starting in this position and performing Y-T-A’s (cobras, rear delt flys and scaptions). This loads the glutes heavily and gets some good work to the para-scapualr musculature. YTAs on HFPN (or Ball Combo 1)

I felt great after this circuit and was ready to work out for sure! It definitely helped to get the right muscles firing before and active day. Hope your winter is coming right along!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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