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Importance of Proper Posture:

Proper postural alignment puts the body in a state of optimum neuromuscular efficiency. Proper alignment will ensure that the muscles of the body are optimally aligned at the proper length-tension relationship necessary for optimum efficiency. This will allow for proper joint mechanics and effectively absorb forces through the kinetic chain, alleviating excess stress on joints. Without proper alignment, we set the body up for degeneration. This is realized by altered movement patterns resulting from muscle imbalances that places stress on joints. In turn, this will affect other joints and muscles, causing a series throughout the body known as postural distortions patterns.

What Happens when our Posture is compromised?

Even though we are not moving enough to maintain function, we are moving, and it is the motion, compensating motion, that cause us the trouble. Muscles that are never intended to be involved in such basic movements such as walking, bending or throwing are all called to action to replace dysfunctional muscles. This puts stress and wear on the muscular skeletal system that it is not designed to handle. It’s like a screwdriver that is used as a crowbar: it breaks.

A functional muscle evenly distributes the shock transmitted into the joints when the heel strikes the ground. If there is dysfunction and compensation-the wrong muscle moving the bone into the wrong position-the shock is no longer evenly distributed; it is focused on one or two points in the socket and begins to wear away at the cartilage.

What Can You do to Improve Posture?

1. Stretching- Stretch the muscles that are tight and strengthen the muscles that are weak or lengthened

2. Specific or functional Exercise- Do exercises specific for your needs. The goal here is that with functional training you would be able to maintain posture and awareness of alignment in a variety of static positions as well as during dynamic movements.

3. Stability and balance training- This will increase strength of the core and postural muscles while maintaining optimal spinal alignment/posture and recruitment of the muscular-skeletal system as stabilizers and movers.

4. Massage or Self Myofacial Release- By getting a massage or utilizing SMR you are able to effectively break up adhesions within a given muscle allowing you to move more freely without pain and work towards correcting postural problems.

This process will help restore the body to an optimal level of function and performance.

Just a bit to chew on! The basics are the cornerstone of success.

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