NASM Certified Personal Trainer Workshop San Antonio

Guess where I was this weekend?

Had a great time this last weekend in San Antonio! My last trip there was 2 years ago when I taught an NASM CPT workshop there with my Friend Ervin Zubic. It was his last workshop as an instructor for NASM. He has since been focusing solely on his career with Lifestyles Fitness. I miss being on the road with “Ez”. He is a sharp, funny and driven guy.

Actually one of the women in the workshop this weekend was in that same workshop 2 years ago! She remembered us:)

The hotel was nice and there service at the Airport Hilton was very good. The food was average. I was craving some GREAT Mexican food and got very average food. I must have gone to the wrong places! We had lunch at Bees by the airport on Friday and dinner at some touristy place on the Riverwalk Friday. I did get to go by the Alamo again which I thought was very interesting. I love history!

Unfortunately it was closed so we just poked around the outside.

The group of trainers were great! I had lots of fun working with them and teaching with my buddy Scott Mitchell and we even met Alan Russell from NASM corporate for dinner Friday. The group was responsive and prepared. There was a nice mix of veterans and rookies and trainer who have been in the game for a couple of years too.

They got a little workout on Saturday;

Doing some 2 arm Ys from a 1/4 squat

…and single leg squats here.

Thank you for the hospitality San Antonio! Sorry to miss Fiesta , good luck to your Spurs and I hope to be back in another year or two!

Thanks for coming to the workshop and reading!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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