Overhead Squat Assessment-Excessive Forward Lean from Ankle Restriction at NASM CES Workshop by Eric Beard

This girl was a participant at a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) that I taught for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Calabasas, CA last week. I used a modified version of the overhead squat and goniometry to identify that a movement impairment stemming from the ankle was driving this compensation. She had 5 degrees of dorsiflexion in her right ankle and 10 degrees of dorsiflexion in her left ankle. We need 12 degrees of dorsiflexion to stand with the lumbo-pelvic hip complex aligned in neutral and 15 degrees to walk with proper alignment of the proximal kinetic chain. Athletes, especially those like tennis players, soccer players and basketball players who require multi-directional movements will ideally have up to 20 degrees.

If this compensation continues unchecked it can lead to low back pain, headaches, patella femoral pain and other dysfunction in the kinetic chain.

NASM has the best Corrective Exercise credential in the business and an excellent 2 day workshop. Visit http://nasm.org for more details.

Hope you find the video helpful!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team

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