Perform Better, Disney World, The Boston Bruins and the Stanley Cup

What an awesome month!

After I delivered the keynote presentation at the NEHRSA Spring Conference on May 19th at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Casino in CT I taught a workshop the next two days for NASM in downtown Boston. I had a week in the “office” then I was off to present at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Providence, RI for the first time. My session was broken into a lecture for @ 90 minutes and hands on for @ 90 minutes and it was titled “Save Your Back: Get You Butt in Gear.” The gist was that people don’t move enough and when they do move, they don’t use their glutes and are missing a keystone to lumbo-pelvic stability and locomotion. I was representing NASM and discussing their four step Corrective Exercise Continuum. I was fortunate enough to take in several other presentations throughout the weekend, and partake in an amazing barbeque at Chris Poirrier’s house.

My family and I took a killer 7 day vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. Loved it! Memories that will last for ever. I got to go on the Aerosmith Rocking Roller Coaster…man that thing was fast! It was a blast!

I have been slammed helping to launch a product for NASM and haven’t even had time to blog or make any videos. I did have time to make it to the Bruins Stanley Cup Victor Parade last Saturday though!!! YES!!!! I will post some pictures. I go some great ones of Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara with the Cup. I also found time Sunday on Father’s Day to do some work setting up a new kids swing-set that we got. I had to move some old curbs that we had around our driveway and do some landscaping on top of repairing the swing-set. We got it used from some friends and it needed a little work. I tell ya, I am all set not doing any strongman training. Moving those curbs was enough for me.

Now I am back at it at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Chicago. I went through Grey Cook’s pre-con offering today which was good. He made a reference to NASM’s overhead squat assessment and said that it wasn’t enough to look at just one movement. I agree. Looking at all aspects of the kinetic chain, in different planes, in isolation and integration really rounds things out. What we teach in the Corrective Exercise Specialist workshop for NASM helps to bring this approach to life, covering different versions of the over head squat, single leg squat and insight towards assessing other movements. it’s impossible to keep up with what everyone else is doing, that’s why I enjoy these shows. I am pretty sure that most big names in the fitness industry do not understand the subtleties and flexibility of NASM’s OPT Model. I see more similarities in the industry than differences. NASM’s model just gives you a tidy system to plug all of that fun stuff into.

I enjoyed Thomas Myers at the Providence show and will repeat at least one of his talks this weekend as well. I also took in Dr. Stuart McGill a couple of times, Mark Verstegn once and poked my head in a few other sessions. Verstegen gave a good talk on barefoot training and was featuring Addidas’s new “barefoot trainer.” Dr. McGill talked about working with back pain as well as with powerful athletes. Myers gave an intro to his Anatomy Trains concept and went trough some actual hands on techniques in his second talk. I did see Grey here too and he did some good bits on movement screens and corrective work for the upper body.

I have more to share about these shows, but I was literally up all night last night packing and finishing up some work and I am dragging!

Hope you are having an awesome early summer!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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