Real Men of Genius

Why don’t my seats look like theis when I fly? I just got back from VA last night and they most certainly did not!

I am not sure who is responsible for designing the airline seats that most of us are subjected to when flying here in the continental U.S., but I am pretty sure they are either Hobbits, Gnomes, young children or old men. I have pretty much had it with being jammed into the shape of a giant human cashew each time I take my seat in the friendly skies. I am 6’1 tall, just a bit on the tall side, but regardless of height, the “C” shape our spine is put into in these seats should be reserved for the human fetus. Talk about back pain?! Any time I spend stretching, doing core exercises, seeing my chiropractor or physical therapist is significantly dampened after anything more than an hour and 45 minute flight. Like they say in the Bud Light radio commercials Real Men of genius “So here’s to you Mr.tiny, uncomfortable, ridiculous shaped airline seat designer”
That’s it for tonight!
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