Red Sox and Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell

You have to wonder if Becket and Lowell are getting the best care possible. I don not know the athletic training or physical therapy staff of the Sox personally, friends know them, but I am curious about how the injury assessment and treatment is going. This is not a knock on the Sox staff, but from my friends who have worked for the Angels, Yankees and Expos etc…the baseball infrastructure seems to be a bit archaic. Many times hours are spent casing pain once it happens instead of assessing movement before people are injured. I have a brief presentation this Saturday night to the parents of about 80 of the best tennis players in New England where I will introduce the concept of the kinetic chain (human movement system) and how we look at movement to identify muscular imbalances and head them off before they become an injury. Many of the parents at these talks are interested, some do not get it, others want to ignore it because it takes times and effort to restore muscular balance and optimal posture. I hope I do a good job and get most of them interested. Their kids will pay the price over their tennis careers and beyond if not.

.. the clip is about 5 minutes, some video, but mostly audio.

Have a great night!


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