Red Sox-OUT, Patriots-Down, Zumba-UP!-A week in Review: by A Corrective Exercise Specialist

A busy and fun week!

Saturday-I taught a Certified Personal Trainer Workshop for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in New York City
Monday-played in our weekly men’s league hockey game,
Wednesday-hosted a Breast Cancer awareness and prevention fundraiser
Thursday-delivered a presentation on Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments at the New England Health and Racket Association (NEHRSA) Annual all Conference.

Friday was a day of “catch-up” at the club

I have posted about the NASM workshop and my antics during the Zumba class at the Breast Cancer fundraiser earlier in the week. So let’s re-cap the NEHRSA Conference shall we?

I have been presenting for NEHRSA since 2003 or so, at least once a year, sometimes twice per year. They have held a few nice Personal Training Conferences in the Spring as well as management conferences in the late spring. I enjoy working with the organization and love the people.  Especially Jan Woodman! She is amazing, this was the first time in many years that she could not attend due to a family issue.

I have always enjoyed delivering great content to the participants but this year in particularly, I have enjoyed the networking aspect of the conference as well. Here are some pictures from the event;

The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust

Great Web 2.0 Presentation I attended! Jason led it!

Great Web 2.0 Presentation I attended! Jason led it!

Lunch with the One and Only Jim Giroux of Perform Better!

Lunch with the One and Only Jim Giroux of Perform Better!

Got to visit Chris McGrath, formerly of TSI...weren't we all???

Got to visit Chris McGrath, formerly of TSI...weren't we all???

I beefed up the presentation on Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments that I delivered at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health and Fitness Summit in Atlanta this spring and let it loose at the NEHRSA Conference. There were 3 vendors in the from that were my sponsors- Woodway Treadmills, Body Training Systems and New England Fitness Distributors. I love Woodway Treads-the most comfortable in the biz, I used to be a Body Pump Instructor (through BTS) back in the diz-ay and learned some great skills about cuing and presenting and I do business with New England Fitness Distributors and believe that their Adaptive Motion Trainer cardio piece is the top cardio piece in the industry. Also, one of the reps for NE Fitness Distributors went to college with me! Small industry for sure, had not seen him in years. Believe it or not, an attendee in the crowd went to Springfield College with me as well and we even played football together. Too funny!

The presentation was well received, mostly lecture with some hands on assessments, mobs and activation techniques to keep the crow awake and give them something to apply immediately. I was not allowed to mention my DVD series per say, which I did not, I do not want to over step any bounds, but I did see an influx of traffic to

If you want a FREE DVD on training the athletic shoulder then visit my site! Pay $7.95 for shipping and handling only! The whole series is the most in depth collection of information in video format that I have ever seen. I know you will love it!

It is late Sunday night and I am tired from a fun day with my family and two tough loses for Boston, the Red Sox and The Patriots both lost today. The Sox were eliminated by the Angels and the Patriots lost to the Broncos. We had both games! I have to listen to all my friends who are Yankees, Angles and non-Patriots fan now…I am still a fan and stand by my teams! The Sox were not good enough and the Patriots did not execute, Tom Brady seemed to over through Randy Moss several times and we missed a key field goal. I am happy for Josh McDaniel’s and the Broncos for their success (just not against the Pats).

I am listening to some good audio coaching in the background while I type…maybe I can whip a post up on that this week?

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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