Resistance Training Systems, a Feline Attack and Social Media/Linkedin Tips

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am watching The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise as I tidy up a few loose ends, procrastinate before packing (as opposed to procrastinating after ding something) and contemplating a late night roller blading journey.

I love this movie and have seen it a handful of times. Makes me want to go live in the middle of nowhere and live off of the land, such an honorable life. The dedication to the collective, traditions and dedication to mastering even the most mundane tasks is amazing to me.

I have shot a couple of videos over the last couple of days.

One on Resistance Training Systems;

One on %1rm and repetitions while resistance/strength training;

And one on social media-Focussing on common Linkedin mistakes;

Hopefully you enjoy the videos. I am off to Dallas to present at a pretty cool seminar with Todd Durkin, Juan Carlos Santana and Dianne Vives called Success Driven 2010: The Ultimate Personal Training Seminar

The tittle of my presentation is “Save Your Back: Get Your Butt in Gear”. I have a one hour lecture, lunch time panel and 20 minute breakout/hands-on sessions all afternoon. Should be fun!

Maybe I will see you there?

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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