Rotator Cuff Scam

I used to get excited when I heard athletes, doctors, trainers or just about anyone mention strengthening the rotator cuff (or rotator cup as we have all heard a few dozens times I am sure). I was happy that people even knew what it was and acknowledge that their were imbalances around the “shoulder joint” and something needed to be done about it. Granted, the exercises were/are usually done incorrectly but at least it was/is an effort.

Now, every Tom, Dick and junior varsity athlete has a rotator cuff strengthening program. Good right? I am not so sure about that. You can do all you want to the rotator cuff, but if the scapulae is out of alignment, the thoracic spine is immobile or the humeral head does not articulate in the glenoid properly then it doesn’t much matter what you do to the cuff.
It’s never as easy as it sounds. So the next time someone just hands you an exercise band and has you do 3 sets of 10 reps of a handful of exercises for the cuff, remember, that is not enough and you may have a few other things to do first!
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