"Save The Clock tower!"

All I could hear in my head when I saw this clock in a suburb or Rochester, NY yesterday was Dr. Emmit Brown from the movie Back to the Future trying to harness 1.1 gigawatt’s to power his time traveling Delorean for Marty. I got a nice small town feel from the old time bridges, old buildings and friendly attitude of most of the people I met. I interacted with over 100 by the time the day was done. I did a presentation at Pinerton Park and Rec’s exercise facility and the Wegman Fitness Center at the Aquinas Institute each just outside of Rochester proper. The Pinerton group was mostly seniors and the Aquinas group mostly coaches. Fun day.

The small town feel reminded me about customer service and how much I appreciate good customer service and loathe poor customer service. There were two women at the National car Rental annex at the Rochester Airport, Mili and Kelly. Both were very friendly and helpful (thank you if you are reading this!). This contrasts an interaction with an employee a major airline at Logan Airport in Boston. No need to through the company under the bus here, but this person acted like I was interrupting her and that helping me was a burden. We are all in the service business and I am thankful to have that perspective. So instead of letting that grouch have it, I was friendly and said a prayer for her later that night.

I know I can be pushy and grouchy too, i just hope that I am afforded some slack:) unless I am a real loser and then I am sure someone will put me in my place, usually my wife:)

So, rember to be freindly and service oriented, that is what makes the world go round!

Eric Beard

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