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Merry Christmas from a Corrective Exercise Specialist

Hi all, I made a short video for you and put together a list of Christmas presents if you were still looking for a gift for me;) Here is my Merry Christmas video; Here are some things I want for Christmas; The iGallop-30 second video The Shake Weight Certification; The ButtMaster; (30 second video) Just […]
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99 Problems But a Vision Ain’t One

I am listening to some Jay-Z on the Logan Express shuttle form the airport back home after an AWESOME 1 day personal training summit titled “Success Driven 2010: The Ultimate Personal Training Seminar” in Dallas, TX. The career school ATI put the shin dig on and I tell ya they did it right! Top notch […]
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Please Read This: Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 4: The Juice

When we first got down to the marathon route, we caught the tail end of the first heat of elite runners. These guys were moving! Most of them were still a mess-protracted shoulders, all bam-string, no glute…but it is still impressive to see people who have truly worked on their craft for years in the […]
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The Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 3

Here is a short video I took at the Marathon as well… I am respectful of the runners for their years of training to get to this point and the personal sacrifice that they have endured. By no means do I intend to add negativity to these individuals experience. I merely want to point out […]
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The Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 2

Of course the corrective exercise specialist in me is conflicted when taking in these events. I applaud and admire the human spirit but am always shocked at what most people are doing to themselves with all of this dysfunction and movement impairments! I took a few pics with my trusty iphone and got a few […]
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