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Rest, Recovery and Regeneration Part IV

Cryotherapy (ice therapy) dates back to Hippocrates snd the ancient Greeks but it took until the 1940’s for cold/ice therapy to be used extensively for the treatment of acute and subacute injuries, and rehabilitation.
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Tuesday Night Tips: Protraction, Retraction and Levator Scapulae?

I was watching someone train chest tonight during my workout. What initially struck me about his form was an apparent partial range of motion while he was performing a dumbbell flat bench chest press. He reached the dumbbells towards each other at the top but his elbows never straightened. He looked like he was giving […]
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Corrective Exercise 2010 Summer Update

The summer is flying by again!!! In the NorthEast we have had beautiful weather, much better than the 7 week deluge of 2009. I was on the road 11 days out of 21 from the end of July to the first week of August and have enjoyed the last 2 weekends at home for sure. […]
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Whiplash is Not Just an Awesome Song From Metallica or Mickey Rourke’s Character in Ironman 2

Don’t get me wrong, I have been an Iroman fan since I was a kid (I even collected Ironman comic books and still have them in storage) and…I have been thrashing to Metallica since the 7th grade when I bought the ride the Lightening cassette But feel free to download Whiplash if you are looking […]
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The Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post 1 of 2

It seems as though every Tom, Dick and Harry from New England has at least one post about the Boston Marathon every Patriots Day, so here is mine; Although I have lived in Framingham and Natick for a combined total of 21 of my years, I have not gone down to the Boston Marathon race […]
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