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Hips Don’t Lie: Fascial Creep is Real

The more time we spend in a seated position, the more prone to injury are. Muscle imbalances are a concern, however the real threat may be the adaptations that are occurring on deeper levels.

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Fascial Flexibility at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit

“Fascial Flexibility for Fitness Professionals”. I love using aliteration! This is the tittle of the presentation that I delivered at the Perform Better Summit  in Longbeach, CA this past weekend. Over 800 of the regions best were there to learn, share and grow. I know I did all three. I went to see Dr. Craig […]

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Myofascial Fuzz Lesson for Corrective Exercise Specialists and Personal Trainers

This video provides some basic insight to out amazing myofascial system. Thanks Dr.Gil! Remember to keep up with your corrective exercise therapy and myofascial release to combat the “fuzz”! This is for you B-More!!! Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist CEO A-Team EricBeard.com AthleticShoulder.com Share| Twitter Username: Twitter Password: This information is not stored and only […]

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