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First Month of Another Fitness Challenge Brings Eric Beard Some Results

How has Another Fitness Challenge been going for you? I have been plugging away at improving my overhead squat and it has felt great! I enlisted the help of Krisitn Mohr, a physical therapist at Integrative Therapeutics in Natick, MA. She can be reached at kmohr@integrativetherapeutics.com if you want some work from her. She is […]
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Will Smith Needs Corrective Exercise…but He Helps Me this Time

I have always like Will Smith and I do have he and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on cassette as well as a very earlier recordings before he polished his image and actually talked like a teenager on a few cuts…any-hoo. I found this video on You Tube and LOVE IT! I have […]
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HFPN-Another Fitness Challenge Goals and Progress for Eric Beard 2/11/2010- My Corrective Exercise is Working!

Trying to keep up with the Health and Fitness Provider Network President (HFPN) Ben Tucker, aka. “Triangle Man” is a hard job. He claims he has made some very good progress as well. I have not had my dorsiflexion re-measured yet but I started at; Right Ankle Prone Straight Leg- 0 degrees Left Ankle Prone […]
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5 Minute Core Stability / Corrective Exercise for Back Pain by Eric Beard with the MECA Back

I had one of my clients shoot this on my iphone so they could follow along with their home program. This Corrective Exercise spinal stabilization program is to be done daily and will take about 5 minutes. It will develop endurance and strength of the intrinsic core stabilizers such as the; transverse abdominus, diaphragm, internal […]
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Revist, Recite, Re-Write Your Goals Dailly to Manifest your Dreams

There are endless goal setting exercises, but you can not just put them into a pretty little notebook, tuck them away and revisit them next New Year’s Day. Re-visit, recite and re-write your goals daily. Put them on 3×5 index cards, carry a notebook with you, put them on your dry erase board, make an […]
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