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Chunking Goals: Breakdown the Big Goals Into Smaller Actionable Steps

Having BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGS) is great! For many that can feel overwhelming. I know it can feel that way for me. To make your BHAGs more manageable you must break them down into actionable steps. Anthony Robins calls this chunking. Brian Tracy does a wonderful job of laying this process out as well […]
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Teaching an NASM Personal Trainer Workshop in Atlanta Thinking about HFPN.com

Happy Friday all! I am enjoying a High Protein Mocha Almond Smoothie from Smoothie King in Atlanta. I love Smoothie King! I think they do a pretty good job with variety and quality of products. I think that IntaJuice may have a healthier product line but I do not see the around too often. It […]
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NASM PRO Almost Live? This Corrective Exercise Specialist is Getting Excited!

We are getting closer! I have been in close contact with Ben Tucker, President of NASM PRO and Wendy Batts, Head Trainer for NASM PRO and we are all getting excited for the launch! NASM has spent years refining this platform and the final product will surpass any of our expectations. Make sure you follow […]
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Corrective Exercise for Glute Maximus (Top 5)

The Glutes are one of the most important muscles groups in the human body. Unfortunately, they are often one of the most underdeveloped. This video will cover the top 5 exercises to strengthen the glutes. Corrective Exercise, athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention sessions will all be enhanced with these techniques.
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