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Overhead Squat Assessment-Excessive Forward Lean from Ankle Restriction at NASM CES Workshop by Eric Beard

This girl was a participant at a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) that I taught for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Calabasas, CA last week. I used a modified version of the overhead squat and goniometry to identify that a movement impairment stemming from the ankle was driving this compensation. She had 5 […]
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Range of Motion Workshop and DVD, Goniometry for Personal Trainers and Corrective Exercise Specialists

I know that things have been quiet from me on the blogging front, but I have been waiting for the technology in HFPN to catch up to it’s original plan. I have waited all I can wait and I can wait no more!!! I have am putting some stuff together and know you will love […]
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Brian Tracy Has Performed Corrective Exericse for my Head

A great short video on time management…I have a couple of Brian Tracy’s books and audio programs…well worth the investment. If you really want to be blown away take these tips to transform your life over the next decade…Increase your income by 1000%. Exponential growth and beyond. Hope you enjoyed! Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist […]
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