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One Mall, 3 Golf Courses, 100 Tennis Courts, 126 Parks, 32 Personal Trainers, The 2009 PGA Championship and a Dash of Correctve Exercise in MN…but no Tiger Woods.

I was on the road again this weekend after a great Corrective Exercise Specialist Workshop in New York City last weekend I taught a Certified Personal Trainer Workshop in Bloomington, MN. I had not been to Minnesota for about two years and was looking forward to the trip. I has stayed in Minneapolis a couple […]
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Corrective Exercise for Glute Maximus (Top 5)

The Glutes are one of the most important muscles groups in the human body. Unfortunately, they are often one of the most underdeveloped. This video will cover the top 5 exercises to strengthen the glutes. Corrective Exercise, athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention sessions will all be enhanced with these techniques.
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