Talking About; Personal Training, Corrective Exercise and Successfully Changing Lives in Atlanta!

At home with the Mrs. with the kids in bed. We had an awesome Sunday together. Thank goodness the warm weather is here!

I was away on the road again early in the weekend. I uploaded this picture of a sculpture I saw in the airport in Atlanta that reminded me of my kids and the importance of play in our lives!

I got to have dinner with some friends and their Chocolate Labs Friday night, taking the train from my hotel to their house and back. The MARTA system works pretty well!

On Thursday, I got to meet some friends from The Rotater, Chris and Scott for dinner. Great guys on a mission to help others!

Finally made it home last night after teaching an NASM CPT Workshop in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday. An eclectic and fun group. We had two women expecting children, real estate agents, accountants, personal trainers, corrective exercise specialists, pilates and yoga instructors, group exercise instructors, rookies, 10 year plus veterans, fitness managers, facility owners, a marine (Oorah!), an entrepreneur, an aspiring actor and some clients turned trainers!

We had some interesting conversations regarding; exercises such as dips (see this old post about dips for me 2 cents on them) , upright rows (more on upright rows), lunges, corrective exercise and the importance of posture and alignment (more on posture here) and here).

In addition to the technical information we went over, what stayed with me most was my lecture and our discussion about the power of “why”. Understanding what motivates our clients to take action and what wakes us up at 3 am reading to change the world! I was touched by the workshop and group and hope I was able to help the on their path to help others, move better, feel better and live better.

Yes..that chart is right, more than 66% of everyone in the US is overweight or obese!!!

People need our help for sure! And trainer’s want to help them.

Unfortunately I see many health and fitness professionals/personal trainers are so gung-ho to dive in and make a difference that they gloss over their own developmental plan. They spend more time planning for their client’s success than they do planning their own. They questions that we ask others; “What do you want?”, “Why do you want it?” and “How bad do you want it?” are just as pertinent for ourselves.

Have you written out your goals? There are endless goal setting programs available out there. Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and John Maxwell have great info on this. Once you have them down, you should review them upon rising in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. I have just added this part in and am loving it! It helps to set my compass!

Are you crystal clear on WHY you want to reach your goals? If not, you probably will never reach them. The Why is the intrinsic, emotional driver. I love this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Find your why ASAP!

How committed are you to reaching your goals??? Do you live breathe and sweat your goals? Are you undeterred even in the face of temporary setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles? You have to be! WE have to be.

I joined Success University a few months ago to fuel my engine. I enjoy reading, listening and watching professional development information tremendously, and Success University has provided me with unparalleled resources to help me grow.

It’s not just about making a living for me, it’s about making a difference.

Thank you to those of you who have been part of my process and to those who have let me contribute to theirs.

Thanks for reading go make a difference and let me know if I can help!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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  1. Chris Melton
    Posted June 8, 2009 at 8:54 am | Permalink

    Thanks for meeting us for dinner Thursday night. It was a pleasure to meet someone with drive, knowledge and enthusiasm.

    Your quote from Nietzsche is "dead" on – "why" will fuel the how.

    Keep telling it like it is. People need to know the truth.

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