The Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post 1 of 2

It seems as though every Tom, Dick and Harry from New England has at least one post about the Boston Marathon every Patriots Day, so here is mine;

Boston Marathon 2010

Although I have lived in Framingham and Natick for a combined total of 21 of my years, I have not gone down to the Boston Marathon race route as an adult and probably only did it a handful of time as a kid. Route 135 in Natick is literally a block and a 1/4 from my house and every year my wife, children, mother in law, some friends and their kids, neighbors and countless others in our community take in the spectacle. My kids love to hand out orange slices and get high fives from the runners, but this is the first year that I have witnessed it live.

I usually work a full day every Patriots Day, a holiday in Massachusetts so I never get to share in the reindeer games, until this year. I took a half day and made sure to get up early and park my car on the other side of rte. 135 so I could get to work when I was ready because the road is closed most of the day for the Marathon. So my Lab and I dropped the car off, enjoyed a brief walk back to the house and started to get ready for the Marathon. We loaded up on snacks, juice boxes and of course tons of orange slices for the marathoners.

It is a tough racket as kid handing our orange slices. There are now engineered yummies such as Cliff Bar “Shots” etc.

So many runners go high tech and skip taking an orange slice from some snot nosed kids who ay have already licked the orange they are offering him or her.

Nature's Sports Refreshment!

It was fun for the kids regardless and we helped facilitate the offerings to these running crazed marathoners, who are so appreciative of the support they get. They give kids high 5’s, cheer and clap back to the screaming crown and are mostly smiles (so are in down right agony). Our post was about 10.5 miles in to the race…so most people were still cruising pretty good, but I am sure much more pain was yet to come.

Let me stop this post now and come back with round 2 in case you are getting bored:)

Thanks for reading!

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