The Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 2

Of course the corrective exercise specialist in me is conflicted when taking in these events. I applaud and admire the human spirit but am always shocked at what most people are doing to themselves with all of this dysfunction and movement impairments!

I took a few pics with my trusty iphone and got a few usable ones, although I saw much more craziness than I got I on film.

Low back pain? Runner's Knee?


Leg Whip! Foot Whip!

This last one is the most obvious, you can really see the knee collapsing inward and foot turning out. This is loading the ligaments and cartilage of the knee abnormally and will wear down those tissues.

Think of how much energy they have to use just to propel themselves down the road? They are not using the elastic properties of their tissues, they have to use so much concentric effort instead of “springing” from one stride to the next.

Don't his lines look better?

This is HUGE from a performance perspective as well as injury prevention and longevity. Some people can handle the pounding and their ligaments and passive system are durable enough to take it. That does not mean they don’t limp around with poor posture…they just can persevere through the training.¬†This does become a quality of life issue at some point. People keep runnig¬† to run instead of learning how to move so they can then run. There should be a physical and psychological challenge to athletic training and race preparation, but we should not be sacrificing our joints just to earn T-Shirt or jacket.

I could go on for hours about dysfunction, movement impairments and why people should not be doing what they are doing…but there is something to be said for the human spirit…that is what struck me even more powerfully that the ugly running and punishment people were perpetrating on their poor joints.

Next post I will show you a video I took and write about some of the things I see as well as the emotional impact this day had on me…the intellectual part is easy:)

Thanks for hanging in!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team

Corrective Exercise Specialist

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