The Kinetic Chain

This picture here has several independent segments highlighted. What does each of the segments share in common?…..They are all either directly or indirectly attached. The wonder of the body and the human movement system (often referred to as the Kinetic Chain) allows for a fluid and complex series of interactions between the muscular system, skeletal system and nervous system to; produce, reduce or dynamically stabilize movement.

When one of the segments is not functioning optimally, the other segments are subjected to unnecessary and potentially harmful stresses. Ideally, the skeletal system provides us with structure, support and leverage. The nervous system takes in and processes stimulation then sends messages through the muscular system t respond appropriately.

When I talk to my athletes, I tell the that their brains, bones and muscles must all be working together other wise one of the components will wear down the other down and their performance will not be as efficient. Remember, the body works as a whole and is only as good as the sum of it’s parts. The weakest link in the kinetic chain, determines the strength and function of the entire system.

Find and eliminate these weak links to maximize athletic performance enhancement and minimize the risk of injuries.

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Eric Beard

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