To Washington D.C. and Back!

As I get ready to run from the shuttle to the gate at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC I am reflecting on my day.

1:37 am go to bed after doing/folding laundry and cleaning pots and pans/loading/running dishwasher

Alarm goes off at 4:45 am

Get in my car and promptly break the switch that turns the headlights on/off for my car at 5:30 am
Frantically rush into house for pliers the barely manage to get the headlights on at 5:35 am

Pass through security at Logan Airport in Boston after being pulled out of line b/c I was going to miss my flight (do you believe the Thanksgiving travel has started already???) at 6:15 am
Board my 6:30 am flight at 6:23 am

Arrive in Dulles @ 9 am and make a 45 minute ride in 1 hour and 47 minutes with the help of my trusty rented Garmin GPS

Deliver my 11am-1pm presentation at Results: The Gym

Meet a friend for lunch at Mint in DC (Hi TC! Thanks for the AMAZING hospitality!)

Deliver my 5pm-7pm presentation at Results where I am told there is no way for me to make my 8:44 flight if I leave after 7…Exit the building rapidly when the fire alarm goes off and firefighters storm in at 6:47 pm

Break the speed limit several times and display my Boston driving skills to the residents of the DC metro area to arrive at security at 8:07pm for my 8:44pm flight
Am rescued again to get through security to get to the gate to realize the flight is at 8:55 pm(thank goodness!)
Land in Boston at 10:07 pm

Use my pliers to smash the plastic around my broken headlight switches so I can turn the lights on so I don’t get pulled over on the way to the hotel.

Now I need to drive to my hotel in Boston, check in, go to sleep and get up at 5:15 am for Day 1 of a 2 Day NASM workshop


Good thing I love what I do! I met some cool people in DC and they want me to come back and deliver another staff presentation in February maybe.
Time to get off the plane.

Thanks for reading and love what you do!

Eric Beard

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