US Airways Crash

As I was sitting on the tarmac at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 3:55 and my wife called and told me that there was a plane crash in New York (which is where I was heading). This is not what you want to hear when you are heading to New York’s JFK Airport. It sounds like the plane collided with a flock of birds and blew both engines and the pilot astutely put the plane down in the Hudson River in between Manhattan and New Jersey. Estimates are the water was @ 36-37 degrees! THAT IS COLD! What quick thinking and what a quick response. It is all over the TV and radio down here. The ferry boat rescue topped it all off, where else but NY! One person broke both of their legs, but other than that everyone else came away fairly unscathed. Amazing! My trip was much less eventful thankfully:) I travel frequently and feel very blessed that I have been safe during all my escapades.
Thank you for reading and travel safe!
Eric Beard
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