Vibram FiveFingers, Chucks and a TRX

Well I did it. I bought some new kicks for myself.
Thought it was five toes not five fingers?
I gave some Chucks a try for a few months. The $35 on sale Name Your Link was an easier leap than the $85 for the Vibram FiveFingers. So I took the Chucks for a spin with good results. I switched in the middle of HFPN’s Another Fitness Challenge. I was doing my corrective work twice a day and found that the switch from my Asics,
which I found to be fantastically supportive for my feet, but too much of an elevated heel, to the right move for me. When I went to the flat heel of the Chucks, I had less tension in the musculature around my spine, my pelvis leveled off better, my thoracic spine mobilized easier, it was pretty powerful combined with my corrective exercise program.

My arches missed the support however, especially on the left foot. My podiatrist recommended I try an insert that would fit in my Chuck’s that would add a minimal heel lift. He liked Spencos because they held up pretty well and are fairly inexpensive.

I ordered them and will try them in my Chuck’s, but am moving towards using my Fivefingers as my full time work shoe.

I wore my 5Fingers for 3 hours yesterday in the morning and went back to my Chucks in the afternoon to ease into the Vibrams. There is so much more muscular activity and less structural support from the shoe that you can get really sore in the entire lower extremity. I felt some fatigue in the lower extremities, thighs and glutes by the end of the day. I noticed some fatigue especially during my hockey game at 10:30 pm that night. Nothing major, but like I had done something different. Today, Tuesday, I wore my Chucks for the first 1/2 of the day and the Vibrams for the second 1/2 and during my workout.

I did some flexibility work and then had a blast on the TRX Suspension Training System.

I have used the TRX casually over the last few months, but have been slowed my a wrist injury and have not been able to do too much pressing. Today I am feeling pretty good and was motivated to try out my new kicks! I was watching some TRX videos on YouTube and was playing around with some of the ideas that I saw on there with a buddy of mine and one of my Trainers, Dan Salerno, and Dan came up with the idea of attaching a bar to the system and I did just that and came up with some killer movements later in my workout. God times! My abs are going to be sore for sure and I got a ton of comments about the FiveFingers.

I should do a video of the TRX stuff, there are a myriad of movements to be done on this system, with body weight, sandbags, bars and more. I am just getting into them myself, but have some cool ideas to try out.

I know it has been a while since I posted, but I hope you are doing GREAT! Thanks for reading.

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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    Eric, I have used Chucks and Vibram Five Fingers for my lifting workouts. Like you, I switched to Chucks from athletic shoes. I immediately noticed that my squats went up in weight alot just becuase of the incredible stability the Chucks gave me. I liked the flat soles. In fact, Mark Rippetoe (a well-known strength coach) recommends Chucks for lifting. I have read alot of his stuff and he even says that if you could lift barefoot it would be awesome. That’s when I got introduced to the Vibrams. I tried on a pair at a local sporting goods store many months ago. In early June I got myself a pair and have been training with them ever since. I have to say that I like them better than any other shoes I’ve ever trained in. Also, I use them when running. I read a book about the Pose Running technique and these shoes FORCE you to utilize correct running form (ball to heel). I have slowly worked my way up to wearing them more and more. They are simply awesome!

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