We Are going Down Hill as a Society Can Corrective Exercise Save Us?

This is pretty much how things are going. Feel free to believe in creationism or evolution, that is not my place to decide for you. However, I don’t think anyone will debate the fact that we are becoming more sedentary as we become more attached to our technology (as I type from my lap top…)

(not a self portrait…)

We move less and sit more, we have become a flexion addicted society and it is getting worse. Even movement therapy like Yoga, that has been around for thousands of years, is leading to low back and sacro-illiac injuries because people are so out of shape and deconditioned. Now when I say deconditioned, I do not necessarily mean overweight. I mean they have poor posture, muscular imbalances or poor neuromuscualr control.

I mean they bring this to the golf course…

and they look like this…

and then they need this…

Whether you are looking at weightlifting or athletics, your load bearing joints must be aligned. This allows the joints to move correctly (sparing the cartilage and ligaments), muscles to do their jobs (to produce, reduce and stabilize force) and the nervous system to coordinate the entire human movement system. When that happens, you can groove movement patterns in athletics with the help of coaches and pros to look like this…

and this…

Who will drive the ball further? Feel fresher on the back 9? Feel good enough to play back to back days?

There is more than skill or a fancy putter involved. The alignment and function of the human movement system is a must!
Driving your car with the front end out of alignment to and from the grocery store a few times is not a big deal, but what will happen if you leave it like that for a few years? Would you take it on the highway and drive 80 mph??? If your car were out of alignment, would you; waste fuel? Be less efficient? Be less safe? Have a decrease in performance and burn through tires???

You would get your front end aligned and slap some new tires on there and look out for pot holes and curbs, wouldn’t you?

But do we do that with your bodies?

More often than not the journey looks like this…

Corrective exercise; stretching and strengthening SPECIFIC muscles in a periodized manner, grooving quality movement patterns and practicing correct preparation and recovery techniques on a regular basis can help. Remember to look at the position that you sleep in, how you sit at work, how you sit when you eat, the shoes you wear, how you sit in your vehicle etc. It is a non stop process to keep our amazing machinery running optimally.

You would not expect our car to run properly after ignoring the oil change and engine light for 5 years. Why do we think our body will be okay?

If you are not sure what you should be doing to minimize risk of injury and maximize your return on effort from exercise and enhance athletic performance then find a corrective exercise specialist and athletic performance enhancement specialist to help you out.

Thanks for reading, sit up tall! Do your CEx and go like heck!!!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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  1. Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement
    Posted May 27, 2009 at 6:19 am | Permalink


    Great post good body alignment and movement. If you don’t have it how corrective exercise can get you back there.

    Rick Kaselj
    Core Stability in the Back

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