What would George have done on Independence Day?

Another historic 4th of July weekend is finishing up. I spent mine celebrating with my wife and children. A fun parade on the 4th, pool party, beach and some well needed down time. Amidst the long weekend I tried to think a little bit about what this holiday was really about. Not the sparklers, firework displays and summer BBQs but some men and women who stood up for something that most of us have taken for granted our entire lives. I lump myself right into that group. I am no super history buff or re-enactment geek, but I try and think about the amazing country we live in (even with all of its faults) and how things have changed. I won’t bore you to tears with a 10 point history lesson, but imagine the sacrifice that went into our separation from England? The financial/military (thank you France for once…) resources, man/woman power and number of lives lost is staggering. Imagine the relief once word spread about victory over England? I know that only 2 men signed a draft of the Declaration of Independence of the 4th of July in 1776, but what must it have been like on July 4th 1777 and 1778? Now we aim for the biggest, brightest and flashiest fireworks show ever seen by man. What did George Washington and the founding fathers do to celebrate? I mean, they lived it! They fought for it, lived it and sacrificed for it. I am sure some fancy wine or room temperature ale did not quite help them to express their feelings. A few cannon rounds, errant pistol firing and epitaphs directed at King George were probably charged with some serious emotion. Glad that they did it and I did not have to hide behind an old rock wall starving to death with holes in my boots, and while taking pot-shots at the British Infantry. So thank you George Washington! I hope we are doing you proud!
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