Wii to Help with Rehabilitation or Necessitate Rehabilitation?

Don’t forget to warm up before Wii!


This 2 minute video has some interesting points. The biggest kick I get out of it is that the Orthopedic Surgeon that was interviewed advised that Wii’ers should treat the video game like and athletic activity and actually stretch before hand. This might sound RIDICULOUS but I think it is good advice. Think about it. Kids, or even adults have spent the day slogging at their desks and then “spring” into action to play Wii.

Take another look at the above picture. If someone took a picture of you while you weren’t looking, would you look like that? Minus the skeleton of course…if we spend our days like this, then it is much more difficult to prepare our bodies to move how they should. A proper warm up is necessary to get the most out of your activity and decrease the likely hood of repetitive stress/strain injuries. More than 50% of repetitive strain injuries can EASILY be prevented. It just takes some awareness and effort.

Wii has been used during different stages of rehabilitation of for “Wiihab” as my two year old would say. This link leads to a story for more info;


Both physical and neurological rehabilitation has been facilitated by the use of this unique system which can easily measure human movement. I like the idea of blending fun with movement and getting people used to moving a faster speed, especially from the standing position. Coordinating upper body and lower body movements can be very helpful in situations such as recovery from stroke. Sidebar; someone with uncontrolled high blood pressure has 4 times the risk of having a stroke than someone with high blood pressure that is controlling their blood pressure, either with diet, exercise of medications.

So rock on with your Wii for fun, fitness or rehab, just stretch before hand…and of course use the safety strap:)

Thank you for reading,

Eric Beard
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist

ps. for a handy guide for postural assessment check this out;


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